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Kate Gosselin the subject of a controversial new book

Kate Gosselin is at the center of a controversial new book titled "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, the Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen." Author Robert Hoffman, who reportedly tracked Gosselin and her children for years at the height of her fame, makes harsh accusations that Gosselin, 39, hits her children with something called "the spanker" until they get "happy" again.

The book also details Gosselin's alleged extramarital affair with her bodyguard, Steve Neild. Hoffman writes that once Gosselin's ex, Jon Gosselin, caught on to the affair, he pulled out of filming for the couple's reality show. Kate Gosselin allegedly offered Jon, 37, a contract that allowed him to have girlfriends and live his own life as long as he showed up for filming.

Hoffman also claims that Kate Gosselin started taking money out of the joint bank accounts she had with Jon and hiding it in trust accounts, with Neild named as trustee.

Kate Gosselin sued Jon Gosselin last year, claiming that he stole her identity, hacked into her computer and also committed wiretapping, among other things. She also sued Hoffman for hacking and wiretapping, claiming he got information for his book using Jon Gosselin's help. She has since dropped both lawsuits.

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