Katy Perry loved Russell Brand and was heartbroken by his unexpected divorce filing on Dec. 30, 2011. There's no question about that now. Katy's new video, "Wide Awake," chronicles the depression she was trapped in after Brand left her in a dark and crumbling world. She sings, "Falling from cloud 9, crashing from the high" and "You made it so sweet / Til I woke up on the concrete." Every girl and woman who has been duped and dumped by a charming "prince" of a man will feel deeply for Katy when they watch her heart-rending video. -- Bonnie FullerBonnie Fuller is president and editor-in-chief of HollywoodLife.com and the former editor of Star, Us Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.Bad boy adds more ink

One Direction guy Zayn Malik is embracing the bad boy title in the British boy band and got inked up for the sixth time! Zayn, 19, sported a tattoo of a life-size microphone on his forearm with the cord wrapped around his wrist in Los Angeles during the band's performance at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Saturday.

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