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Kelly Rutherford reflects on custody battle loss

Actress Kelly Rutherford attends an event for the

Actress Kelly Rutherford attends an event for the fashion label alice + olivia on April 28, 2015. Rutherford, 47, posted to her Instagram account on Dec. 31, 2015, a reflective quote from a Jennifer Weiner novel that alluded to the recent loss of her yearslong child custody battle. Credit: Michael Loccisano

Actress Kelly Rutherford, who lost physical custody of her children to a foreign-born ex-husband who cannot return to the United States, reflected Thursday on this recent culmination of her yearslong case.

The former “Gossip Girl” star, 47, posted a passage from Jennifer Weiner’s 2001 novel “Good in Bed,” in which journalist-screenwriter Candace Shapiro speaks at a naming ceremony for her new baby: “I’ve learned a lot this year . . . learned that things don’t always turn out the way you planned, or the way you think they should. And I’ve learned that there are things that go wrong that don’t always get fixed or get put back together the way they were before. I’ve learned that some broken things stay broken, and I’ve learned that you can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as you have people who love you.”

On Dec. 15, a Monaco court ruled Rutherford could not have her son Hermés, 9, and daughter Helena, 6, visit her in the United States. It was the latest blow in a custody battle exacerbated in April 2012 when her ex-husband, German-born Monaco resident Daniel Giersch, had his U.S. visa revoked during a criminal investigation into fraud and tax evasion. A court subsequently ordered the children, who are both American citizens, to live with him in Monaco since he cannot travel to the United States.

Rutherford, who founded the Children’s Justice Campaign to help families in similar situations, has testified before Congress on international-custody issues.

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