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LI actor Kevin Connolly's infant daughter still fighting COVID-19

LI-raised actor Kevin Connolly says infant daughter Kennedy

LI-raised actor Kevin Connolly says infant daughter Kennedy is doing better, but "it's been a hard week." Credit: MediaPunch / IPx / David Edwards

Medford-raised former "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly says he has recovered from COVID-19 but that his infant daughter Kennedy still has the disease.

Connolly, 47, told hosts Doug Ellin and "Entourage" cast mate Kevin Dillon Friday on "Victory: The Podcast" that he is fully vaccinated but that due to the more-contagious delta variant of the novel coronavirus, "I got sick." However, he added, "I have zero doubt in my mind that this vaccine saved me a great deal, because the symptoms, while brutal, were manageable. I'm past it now, but without that vaccine, I will want no part of that delta variant."

The actor and director then revealed that, "My daughter, she's got COVID. … I went to pick up this prescription and I'm looking at this paper and it has 'Age' and on her thing it says, '43 days.' It's been hard," he said. "Anybody knows that has a kid, it's hard when your kid is sick, because there's really nothing you can do for her. But she's doing great. I think it's [now] just the congestion part, but the fever's down and we're all back on the road back to recovery."

He went on to say, "She had a fever and the body aches and all that kind of stuff. We were able to manage it, and that part, thankfully, the fever and all that stuff, is behind us. But yeah, man, it's been a hard week."

Connolly, a graduate of Patchogue-Medford High School, where he was homecoming king, announced June 9 on Instagram that he and girlfriend Zulay Henao had recently welcomed a daughter. "She has arrived!!!" he wrote, alongside a photo of the newborn bedecked in a tiny New York Islanders hockey uniform. "Kennedy Cruz Connolly ready to go for game 6!!!! Trying to explain that we need to win one of the next two games to move on is tough. She's only a week old!!"

The Colombia-born, New Jersey-raised Henao, an actor who has starred in cast or recurring roles on such series as OWN's "Love Thy Neighbor" and "If Loving You Is Wrong," and Crackle's "The Oath," is also fully vaccinated and has not contracted COVID-19.

"She is negative," Connolly said. "Which further proves that the vaccine works, because she essentially has two sick crybabies, myself and Kennedy, draped all over her, and she didn't get sick because she's vaccinated."

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