Khloé Kardashian Odom is defending her husband, pro basketball player Lamar Odom, against charges by ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that his charitable foundation never spent money on the cancer initiatives for which it solicited donations.

"It is unfortunate that my husband has been the target of an attack on athletes' charities, although he has personally contributed approximately $2.2 million to his foundation, Cathy's Kids, to fulfill its charitable purposes that include helping underprivileged inner-city youth," Kardashian, 28, wrote on her website. She said Odom's contributions constituted 90 percent of what the foundation has raised. "No charitable funds were misused, and the IRS has repeatedly given Cathy's Kids a clean bill of health, confirming that there were no improprieties."

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The charity, founded in 2004, is named for Odom's mother, Cathy Mercer, who died of colon cancer when Odom was 12. "Outside the Lines" -- which looked at charities founded by New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, NFL receiver Randy Moss and other athletes -- said Cathy's Kids "never gave any grant money to cancer-related causes" but served primarily to benefit "two elite youth basketball travel teams."

"Cathy's Kids was formed with several purposes in mind," Kardashian's post explained. "A decision was ultimately made that the charity should focus on one of those purposes -- to help enrich the lives of underprivileged inner-city youth."