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Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner stock up on Vogue cover issues

Apparently Kim Kardashian needed a little help keeping up with herself on Tuesday. Little sister Kendall Jenner joined Kim when she stopped by a newsstand to stock up on the April issue of Vogue that features Kim and fiance Kanye West on the cover. Kim was spotted buying a huge pile of copies, and then Kendall was also seen doing the same.

Despite all the backlash the issue has received, it is set to reach $400,000 in sales. The question is, how much of that $400,000 did Kim purchase herself? After the magazine came out, Kim tweeted that the cover was "a dream come true."

Vogue reportedly also plans on running photos of Kim and Kanye's wedding in one of its summer issues.

Julia's such a clown

Julia Louis-Dreyfus bares it all in the May issue of GQ and even clowns around in the sheets with an actual clown. The "Veep" star is all about joking around, but this time she takes it to a totally different level, especially in the photos where she's wearing nothing but a red nose.

This is not the first time that Julia showed off her killer body. In the April issue of Rolling Stone, she posed with just the United States Constitution inked on her back.

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