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Larry King diagnosed with lung cancer, says he has recovered

Larry King, seen here on June 21, 2017,

Larry King, seen here on June 21, 2017, says he had successful lung cancer surgery in July in Los Angeles. Credit: Getty Images / Michael Campanella

Talk-show host Larry King says he is recovering from lung cancer diagnosed earlier this year.

“I go for my checkup and they say, ‘Let’s do a chest X-ray, and the doctor said to me, ‘Something looks funny,’ ” the 83-year-old host of the web series “Larry King Now” says in the new issue of Us Weekly. “They said the spot looked pretty small. . . . I then did a CAT scan, then a PET scan and then he said to me, ‘You have lung cancer, but it looks very small, in the beginning stages.’ ”

King had successful surgery on July 17 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, he told the magazine. “The doctor said to me, ‘It was malignant, but you were in the first stage. If it had stayed and we didn’t find it, you would have had trouble in two or three years, but we got it and you were lucky.’ ”

During his two-week recovery, King said, “They showed me my latest chest X-ray, which is all clear.” He added, “It was fun to see where that spot was and there is no spot now. They took off 20 percent of the lung.”

Following two weeks of recovery, King — who in addition to a decades-long radio career hosted “Larry King Live” on CNN from 1986 to 2010 — returned to his web show. The thrice-weekly program, which appears online via, and, ended its fifth season on July 7 with its 141st show, an interview with “Luke Cage” star Mike Colter. Season 6 commenced July 24 with comedian Russell Brand. The websites gave no indication of when the interviews had been recorded.

“I will probably die on the air. I have beaten so many things healthwise to feel this good now. I have no plans to retire,” King said. “I’ve never, ever felt better than I do now.”

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