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LeAnn Rimes: I eat a ton

Country-music star LeAnn Rimes has lashed out at critics of her weight, saying accusations that she is anorexic or bulimic are "bullying."

"These are diseases," she said Thursday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," "and people are using them as name-calling, and it's almost bullying. I feel a sense of responsibility for the people that are actually going through the diseases. And I'm not one of them."

Rimes, 29, told DeGeneres, "I do feel like the press . . . [has] been very irresponsible with calling a lot of people fat or anorexic or bulimic or whatever it may be."

"It just seems like bullying now instead of really taking these diseases seriously that a lot of people are going through," she said.

Rumors of an eating disorder have dogged Rimes since a photo of her looking particularly thin circulated on the Internet over the summer.

Speculation continues each time she tweets an image of herself in a bikini.

"I eat a ton," she assured DeGeneres.

The two-time Grammy Award winner was asked directly if she is anorexic or bulimic. "No, I am not," she replied to DeGeneres.

Rimes also addressed the issue of the highly public divorces that followed her and actor Eddie Cibrian, now her husband, falling in love while married to others.

"I will always say, it could've been handled a lot better. But maybe we both didn't have the tools at the time to do it properly . . . I think we have both come to a really good place in our lives. And right now, I'm really at peace."

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