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Lil Wayne talks about seizures on 'Katie'

In an interview Monday on "Katie," Lil Wayne talked about what caused his seizures. "Dehydration, working too much and no sleep," he replied. "I'm sort of epileptic, so we had to go back in history to my past and see why this happened. My mom told me that when I was younger, I fainted on the playground. We didn't know it was a seizure then." He also discussed his "sizzurp" period -- drinking cough syrup mixed with codeine and soda. "I was taking pain pills with codeine as well [after the first seizures]. The lack of drinking and having another seizure was a reaction of not drinking anymore. The doctor said, 'We can't tell you what to do, but we suggest that your mom tell you to stop.' So I did."

Beyoncé wardrobe bust

Beyoncé and Jay Z were in Capri over the weekend where they had been celebrating her birthday aboard a yacht. They headed to a taverna on the island for dinner, where Beyoncé's top almost busted open. Luckily, she was able to pin it back into place, and get back to her celebration, which included sparklers for the occasion.

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