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Lindsay Lohan: How well do you know her?

Lindsay Lohan at the

Lindsay Lohan at the "Scary Movie V" premiere in Los Angeles. (April 11, 2013) Credit: AP

Lindsay Lohan, the child star turned ingénue turned tabloid staple, is about to shape-shift once again, as a comeback-bound actress at the heart of a weekly eight-part nonfiction series directed by Amy Rice (2009's "By the People: The Election of Barack Obama") for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network. Titled "Lindsay," it premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. To help you prepare, here's a quiz to test your knowledge of Long Island's most (in)famous actress:


1. Lindsay Lohan was raised in:

a. Manhattan and Massapequa

b. Amityville

c. Melville

d. Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick.


2. Who is NOT a sibling?

a. Aliana

b. Dee

c. Dakota

d. Michael


3. Her more than 60 TV commercials as a child do NOT include:

a. Verizon Wireless

b. Pizza Hut

c. Jell-O

d. Wendy's


4. In which soap opera did she appear for a year as a child?

a. "Another World"

b. "Days of Our Lives"

c. "General Hospital"

d. "All My Children"


5. In which Disney-movie remake/sequel did she NOT star?

a. "The Parent Trap"

b. "The Shaggy Dog"

c. "Herbie: Fully Loaded"

d. "Freaky Friday"


6. In which film soundtrack did she NOT sing a song?

a. "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"

b. "Freaky Friday"

c. "Mean Girls"

d. "A Prairie Home Companion"


7. Lohan appears in which movie's ensemble cast?

a. "Sin City"

b. "Best in Show"

c. "Ocean's Twelve"

d. "Bobby"


8. Which star of "That '70s Show" did a teenage Lohan date?

a. Topher Grace

b. Ashton Kutcher

c. Laura Prepon

d. Wilmer Valderrama


9. When did she begin attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?

a. 2006

b. 2007

c. 2008

d. 2009


10. What was the first rehab facility Lohan checked into?

a. Betty Ford Center

b. Cirque Lodge

c. Wonderland Center

d. Morningside Recovery


11. Who is her longtime defense attorney?

a. Grace van Owen

b. Rebecca Washington

c. Shawn Holley

d. Patty Hewes


12. Her first arrest was in:

a. Beverly Hills, Calif.,

misdemeanor drunken driving

b. Santa Monica, Calif., drunken driving, cocaine possession, driving with suspended license

c. Venice, Calif., felony grand theft

d. Manhattan, leaving scene of accident


13. According to Us Weekly, Lohan turned down which role that Heather Graham later played?

a. Dr. Molly Clark on "Scrubs"

b. Jade in "The Hangover"

c. Judy Robinson in "Lost in Space"

d. Rollergirl in "Boogie Nights"


14. According to the movie's DVD featurette, she originally read for which role in "Mean Girls" rather than the nice Cady Heron?

a. Rich, insecure Gretchen

b. Queen bee Regina

c. Flaky Karen

d. Goth Janis


15. The name of a fashion line Lohan co-founded is:

a. 91805

b. 122701

c. 6126

d. 10608


16. In which TV show has she NOT appeared?

a. "King of the Hill"

b. "Glee"

c. "Anger Management"

d. "The Amanda Show"


17. Which is NOT a real Lohan quote?

a. "I take Nexium. Because I have acid reflux."

b. "If I wear a dress I have underwear on."

c. "My mom is my homie."

d. "I'm glad people think I have a nice chest."


18. Which documentary about human sex trafficking did she host?

a. "Lindsay Lohan's Haitian Journey"

b. "Lindsay Lohan's Ivory Coast Journey"

c. "Lindsay Lohan's Somali Journey"

d. "Lindsay Lohan's Indian Journey"


19. She plays herself in an uncredited cameo in which movie?

a. "The Holiday"

b. "Machete"

c. "Scary Movie 3"

d. "Scary Movie 4"


20. Lohan announced at the Sundance Film Festival in January that she plans to star in and produce a film titled:

a. "Inconceivable"

b. "Irrepressible"

c. "Irresponsible"

d. "Irregardless"




1. d. 2. b. 3 a. 4 a. 5 b. 6. c. 7. d. 8 d. 9. a. 10. c. 11. c. 12. a. 13 b. 14. b. 15. c. 16. d. 17. c. 18. d. 19. a. 20 a.

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