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Lindsay Lohan posts confrontation with Arabic family on Instagram Live

Lindsay Lohan attends Love X Fashion X Art

Lindsay Lohan attends Love X Fashion X Art by Domingo Zapata at The Box on Feb. 13, 2017 in Manhattan. Credit: Getty Images/Chance Yeh

Lindsay Lohan live streamed a video of herself confronting a family of what she called Syrian refugees.

Vacillating between entreaties and demands, Lohan tried to persuade an Arabic couple, resting on a nighttime sidewalk with two young children, to let her put everyone up in a hotel except for the man, according to a video she posted on Instagram Live.

The actress, originally from Cold Spring Harbor, begins by asking: "Tell me your story so that I can help you. What do you need?”

The video -- reportedly shot Friday night in Moscow -- shows the couple packing up their few belongings and retreating from Lohan, who follows them on foot, after berating the mother for not providing for her children and then accusing the parents of trafficking.

The encounter ends with a scuffle with the mother. Lohan, who had dropped her phone as a result, then calls out “Oh … She just punched me, I'm like in shock, people," as she cradles her cheek.


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