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Lohan's friends concerned about her well-being, reports say

Lindsay Lohan at a London Fashion Week party

Lindsay Lohan at a London Fashion Week party in February 2018.   Credit: GC Images/Ricky Vigil M

Reports circulated Tuesday that friends of actress Lindsay Lohan are concerned for her well-being following her posting and removing a video of herself seemingly being attacked by a member of a homeless family. on Tuesday said friends of Lohan's are concerned about her mental state and want the actress — who lives in Dubai when not in Greece on behalf of two beach clubs for which she's partner — to stay with them in low-profile Cincinnati for a time. A day earlier, People magazine said that before Lohan posted the attack video, she had put up several clips from the same night showing herself partying in a club. The publication cited unnamed persons claiming Lohan was drinking heavily and that the actress "hasn’t changed whatsoever.”

Neither Lohan's publicist nor her mother, Dina Lohan of Merrick, responded to Newsday requests for comment.

The "Mean Girls" star, 32, had posted the attack video on Instagram Live over the weekend. TMZ in turn posted it on its own site Saturday. It shows Lohan exiting a car at night, and speaking either to her own phone as it records or to an unseen person recording, saying, "Hey, everyone, I just want to show you a family that I met, a Syrian refugee family . . . and they really need help."

Crossing the street, she goes to what appears to be a family — a man, a woman and two boys — on a sidewalk, huddled beneath a blanket. "Tell me your story, so I can help you," Lohan says to them. Nothing indicates whether the family understands English, and Lohan also uses some words in apparent Arabic. 

Following a video edit, the family walks away from Lohan as she says, without offering evidence, "They're trafficking children." Lohan uses an expletive and tells them, "You're ruining Arab culture by doing this," and adds, "The whole world is seeing this right now.” After further remarks by the actress — who has been involved in helping and advocating for Syrian refugees in Turkey — a woman audibly yells off-camera and suddenly the phone or possible camera shakes or falls. A distressed-sounding woman says, “Ohhhh!," as the family leaves and a visibly stunned Lohan emotionally stammers, "I'm, like, shocked. . . . I'm just so scared."

TMZ said without explanation that the video was shot in Moscow. Lohan's Instagram posts from Sept. 25 and 26, showing her with her brother, model Dakota Lohan, 22, are geotagged from Paris.

Incidentally, Wednesday is "Mean Girls Day." Oct. 3 is the date Lohan's character Cady tells her crush, Aaron (Jonathan Bennett), when he asks her in class. The day of the week for the 2004 film is also significant because a member of the popular girls' clique, The Plastics, tells Cady that the custom is to wear a particular hue from head to toe: "On Wednesdays, we wear pink."

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