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Lindsay Lohan pays 2009 taxes, thanks to Charlie Sheen, report says

Lindsay Lohan attends the premiere of Lifetime's "Liz

Lindsay Lohan attends the premiere of Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" at Beverly Hills Hotel in California. (Nov. 20, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan, whose financial assets reportedly were frozen by the Internal Revenue Service, has paid one of her two years' back taxes in full, with the help of actor Charlie Sheen.

The Los Angeles IRS office has issued her a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien, reported Wednesday, for tax year 2009. The Dec. 12 document, a public record that the website posted, shows that the $93,701.57 she owed for that year was paid Dec. 5.

Sheen -- with whom the actress became friendly when they shot "Scary Movie 5" together in September -- reportedly had written Lohan, 26, a $100,000 check in late November to help pay her back taxes. She applied the remaining $3,600 to the $140,203.30 she owes for 2010, TMZ said.

Because it's unclear if the $100,000 was a gift or a loan, Lohan and Sheen both may have to pay tax on all or part of that, said Forbes magazine. If it was a gift to her, then it is considered income and Lohan would owe approximately $35,000 in state and federal taxes on the amount. And Sheen himself might be liable for a gift tax: One can give $13,000 annually to anyone without paying that tax, the magazine said, but for $100,000 he would either have to apply it against the lifetime gift-amount cap, the magazine said, or pay the gift tax.

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