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Lindsay Lohan slapped with strict probation conditions

Actress Lindsay Lohan appears in the Beverly Hills

Actress Lindsay Lohan appears in the Beverly Hills Courthouse for a probation status hearing in Beverly Hills, California. (May 24, 2010) Credit: Getty

The gavel came down as hard as expected on Lindsay Lohan Monday in Los Angeles, with the court ordering stiff conditions in the actress' probation stemming from her 2007 DUI case.

Following Lohan's no-show at a hearing Thursday, Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel mandated Monday that Lohan, who attended court in a dark gray pantsuit with a white button-down shirt, abstain from alcohol, begin wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet within 24 hours, submit to random weekly drug testing and attend all scheduled alcohol-education classes unless it interferes with a random drug test. The actress left the courthouse wearing the bracelet, The Associated Press reported.

Revel scheduled a "formal violation hearing" for July 6 to determine if Lohan has violated probation by not attending the required number of alcohol-education classes so far. If so, the judge could order a 180-day jail sentence.

In addition, Revel forbade Lohan, 23, from filming a movie in Texas, outside the range of the SCRAM (secure continuous remote alcohol-monitoring) bracelet. Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, asked that Lohan be allowed to have random tests in that state, but the judge insisted, "She needs to submit to random drug testing here, not in Texas."

When Holley tried to convince the judge otherwise, Revel noted she had "about 30 minutes" of material she could place in the public record to justify the court's conditions, and Holley withdrew her objection.

The Texas movie is most likely filmmaker Robert Rodriguez's completed "Machete," according to Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, who told Newsday, "The studio saw the film and thought Lindsay was amazing, and they want to give her more scenes. Lindsay got third billing," she claims. A spokeswoman for 20th Century Fox was seeking confirmation at deadline, and a representative for Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios responded, "I have no information at this time."

Asked if she understood the orders, Lohan said quietly, "Yes, your honor." It was her only statement in court.

Holley noted that Lohan had missed one previous hearing after her uncle died.

"Did she attend the funeral?" the judge asked. Holley turned to Lohan, who sadly shook her head no.

Lohan did not address a throng of media outside the courthouse before joining Holley at the hearing. The actress rushed past the media on her way out, leaving in a waiting sport utility vehicle.

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