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Lindsay Lohan releases homemade music video for her song 'Xanax'

Lindsay Lohan attends MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club"

Lindsay Lohan attends MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" premiere party on Jan. 7 in Manhattan. Credit: Getty Images for MTV / Cindy Ord

Actress and sometimes-singer Lindsay Lohan has released what appears to be a homemade music video for "Xanax," her first single since 2008, which she had previewed on a radio station in August.

Released Monday on her Instagram TV channel, the song — a rhythmic, haunting number about social anxiety and feeling trapped — begins with a short snippet of home video in which her younger sister, 25-year-old Aliana, walks toward the camera with a cartoon of a redhead taking a photo with a point-and-shoot camera digitally superimposed next to the real-life brunette. There are other shots of her youngest brother, 23-year-old Dakota aka Cody, frolicking cliffside by the sea. He next appears riding his skateboard on a ramp at a skate park, occasionally taking a tumble when his attempts at doing a skateboarding trick go wrong. Next is a brief video snippet of brother Michael Lohan Jr., 31, smiling at the camera.

Next Lindsay Lohan, 33, appears in a seemingly Middle Eastern locale, accepting a bouquet of flowers at a formal outdoor event with photographers. Lohan has a home in Dubai.

"This video is a compilation of vignettes of life," Lohan, originally of Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick, wrote on Instagram. "Family, love, the process of moving forward and letting go of the past. To live and be happy, free of fear. Just to be grateful and open our eyes to our opportunities instead of numbing the mind."

The video runs 2 minutes, 49 seconds, with the song ending and the last 19 seconds composed of a young man who appears to be Cody Lohan in a close-up, wearing a hoodie. He complains vulgarly to the camera about a woman named Becky who had criticized him for wearing a sweatshirt she thought "ruins my hair."

Without explanation, the Instagram message is headed "#XANAX with @ALMA," linked to an account for the song "Alma Perpetua," translating to "Perpetual Soul," by Rodrigo Gonsalves, lead singer for the Venezuelan band Viniloversus, who is billed for this song as Rodrigo Solo.

As of Tuesday afternoon, “Xanax" had not appeared on streaming platforms.

In August, Virgin Radio Dubai's "The Kris Fade Show" had played a snippet of the single, which host Fade lauded as "really good."

Also Monday, Lohan tweeted enigmatically, "This is my truth. My honesty. I was psychically hit and hurt by what I thought was my 'person' … I say it in quotes because I believe that he had faults and it’s not HIS fault. Now, I have something to say. Well, to star[t] with. Ladies, always stay strong." It linked to an unavailable Instagram page.

The "Mean Girls" star in the 2000s had released two albums, "Speak" (2004) and "A Little More Personal (Raw)" (2005); EPs including "First" (2005) and "Confessions of a Broken Heart" (2006); and the Motown single "Bossy" (2008).

She is a judge on the musical game show "The Masked Singer Australia," which premiered Monday in that country.

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