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Louis C.K.'s possible stand-up comeback began at an LI comedy club

Louis C.K. performs at the Stand Up

 Louis C.K. performs at the Stand Up for Heroes event at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in 2016.   Credit: Getty Images for The Bob Woodruff Foundation/Kevin Mazur

Comedian Louis C.K. appears to be mounting a stand-up comedy comeback — he performed unannounced at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown on Sunday.

“Louis was on his way to the city to do some stand-up in Greenwich Village [at the Comedy Cellar],” said club co-owner James Dolce. “He has an open-door policy here if he wants to come do time. If he’s around, he just gives a call and he can stop in, not a problem.”

This appearance comes after multiple women accused the comedian of sexual misconduct last fall, which led to the cancellation of his deals with FX and Netflix plus the shutdown of his indie film, “I Love You, Daddy.”

Despite the past controversy, Dolce claims C.K. was greeted warmly by the audience.

“Once they announced his name the crowd went crazy. They loved him,” said Dolce. “It took a good 10 seconds before the applause stopped.”

C.K. was a last-minute addition to the regular Sunday night comedy show, which consisted of four other comics.

“The emcee was on stage ready to wrap up the show and we sent a note up that we have a special guest stopping by,” said Dolce. “Louis did 12-15 minutes of new material — nothing that I’ve heard in the past. He was working off a notepad.”

According to Dolce, C.K. showed no sign of nervousness.

“It was Louis as I know him. I don’t know if anyone else saw something different because comedy is all subjective,” said Dolce. “Some people may say he’s the same, others might say he had a different spin. In my personal opinion, he was Louis. The guy is a genius.”

When asked if the controversy was brought up at all or addressed, Dolce noted, “No, not at all. That’s for his promotion people, manager and agent to deal with. He got off the stage to a standing ovation.”

Dolce also said that he has no qualms booking C.K. in his clubs now or in the future.

“He has apologized numerous amount of times. Everybody has a different way of forgiving, I guess,” Dolce said. “I’m sure he will be back. It would be a shame for audiences not to enjoy his comedy.”

After the show, Dolce spoke with C.K. in the bar area and walked the comedian outside.

“My security guy had to stay there because people wanted pictures and autographs,” said Dolce. “He’s a legend.”

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