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Maria Menounos joined effort to find lost dog along Southern State Parkway

Maria Menounos attends the NBA All-Star Weekend in

Maria Menounos attends the NBA All-Star Weekend in February 2018 in Los Angeles. Credit: Getty Images for American Expres / Phillip Faraone

TV personality Maria Menounos, a longtime dog-lover who works with the Los Angeles rescue organization Wags & Walks, left her car on the Southern State Parkway Sunday to join several other concerned people trying to capture a lost dog.

Asking her 1.08 million Twitter followers to retweet the message, Menounos, 40, wrote, “Terrier dog running southern state pkwy with collar/tags. Unable to catch ran into woods at an exit prob 19/20. so many of us. praying whoever lost this beautiful dog finds it. it was very careful ironically looking both ways but it was terrifying!”

The former E! News personality — who in June 2017 underwent successful brain-tumor surgery — quickly added, “Looked like Toto!” the cairn terrier played by canine actor Terry in the film classic “The Wizard of Oz” (1939). “Shoutout to the sweet woman named Olivia for helping to drive me back to my car as I got pretty far away from driver.”

The incident occurred near Hempstead Village. E! News had no comment. Menounos, through her spokesman, had no immediate comment.

On Feb. 6, Menounos revealed that her beloved dog Baby had died. “We spent almost 18 years together,” Menounos wrote on Instagram. “She was my first dog & a dream come true as I dreamed of having her my whole life. I would borrow friends dogs & Take them on walks growing up. . . . This dog inspired me so much with her spirit & her fight. . . . I know it’s hard for some to understand bc maybe they haven’t experienced the unconditional love from a dog, but it’s deep & special. . . . ”

Another of her and husband Keven Undergaro’s dogs, Benny, has been severely ill. Undergaro posted an Instagram photo on June 6 of Benny resting with another of their dogs, captioning it, “When Benny lost Baby after 18 years we were so worried but Winnie stepped in & has not left his side, providing him eyes and ears to boot.”

Menounos and her husband have since adopted a rescue German shepherd, Maximus. “Father’s Day with my son,” Undergaro wrote on Instagram Sunday with a picture of himself and the dog.

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