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Martin Freeman, longtime partner Amanda Abbington split

Martin Freeman attends a screening of the BBC's

Martin Freeman attends a screening of the BBC's "Sherlock" on Monday, Dec. 19, 2016, in London. The actor announced that he and his longtime partner, Amanda Abbington, are no longer a couple. Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Spicer

Martin Freeman, best known as Dr. Watson on the BBC’s “Sherlock,” and his longtime partner Amanda Abbington, who plays his love interest on the series, have split, E! reports.

The actors, who had been a couple since 2001, have two children — Joe, 10, and Grace, 8.

“I’m not with Amanda anymore,” Freeman, 45, told The Financial Times in an interview posted Thursday. “It’s very, very amicable. I’ll always love Amanda.”

Ironically, on the Season 3 finale of “Sherlock” wrapped with a wedding for the pair’s characters.

Freeman and Abbington, 42, met on the set of 2000 movie “Men Only.”

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