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Meghan Markle's dad pleads to speak with her

Meghan Markle attends Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on

Meghan Markle attends Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on Saturday in London. Credit: Getty Images/Clive Mason

Thomas Markle, the father of new British royal Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, says he has lost contact with his daughter since her May wedding to England's Prince Harry.

Following his interview with U.K. show "Good Morning Britain" on June 18, "I've had no way of contacting them at all," Markle, 73, told the British tabloid The Sun, in a video accompanying a print story Sunday.  "The phone number that I [had] called doesn't work anymore. The, I guess, liaison with the royal family never answers back, and there's no address I can write to, so I have no way of contacting my daughter."

Thomas Markle had missed the royal wedding after having suffered a heart attack.

The retired TV cinematographer ("Married…with Children") and lighting director ("General Hospital," for which he won a Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award in 2011) said he "would like my relationship with Meghan to be like father and daughter, like we've always been." If he could give a message, "[It] would be  'I love you, I miss you, I'm sorry for anything that went wrong.' … And I want to be her [possible future] child's grandfather and I want to be near them. I want to be a part of their life. I'd like to put our differences behind us and get together [and say], 'I miss you very much.' "

In the print article, Markle, who lives in Rosarito, Mexico, said, "My thing about my daughter right now is that I think she is terrified. I see it in her eyes, I see it in her face and I see it in her smile. I've seen her smile for years. I know her smile. I don't like the one I'm seeing now. This one isn't even a stage smile – this is a pained smile. That might be just having a couple of bad days. I don't know. It really worries me. I think she's under too much pressure. There's a high price to pay to be married to that family."

Discussing the ill-received photos he'd had staged with paparazzi in the run-up to the wedding — for which he has apologized, saying he had only meant to polish his image after seeing unflattering photos published — Markle suggested that, "The reason I am being shunned is because I made a profit on the staged pictures," he told The Sun. "Anyone who makes a profit off the royal family becomes shunned. But I could have made well over $100,000 by just doing a talk show. So if I moved to London and started selling cups with my daughter's face on, would they shun me? … Half of Great Britain seems to make a fortune selling pictures of my daughter and her husband. Are they shunned?"

He concluded, "I took care of my mother the last five years of her life. My daughter said to me she would take care of me in my declining years. I'm not talking about money — I'm talking about taking care of me. That's important to me."

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