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Michael Lohan deal may drop girlfriend's charges

Erin Muller and Michael Lohan at the Mercedes

Erin Muller and Michael Lohan at the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Field in Bridgehampton on Aug. 1, 2009. Credit: Newsday File / Gina Tomitz

The ongoing spat between celebrity dad Michael Lohan and his ex-girlfriend took another twist Monday when Lohan agreed to a deal that may lead to harassment and contempt charges being dropped against Erin Muller.

But even when Lohan and Muller finally seemed to agree on something, her attorney accused Lohan, of Southampton, of doctoring voice mail recordings to make it appear Muller violated a court order by calling him.

"She has adamantly denied ever calling Mr. Lohan, and these charges were certainly bogus," attorney Bryan Konoski, of Manhattan, said. "I had the opportunity to listen to the audio recordings, and in my opinion they appeared doctored up or staged and, in my opinion, they did not appear to be natural conversation."

For months, Lohan and Muller have traded charges that each violated orders of protection against the other.

Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, had accused Muller of violating a court order by calling him in December and again last month.

Lohan Monday agreed in Southampton Village Justice Court to a deal in which charges against Muller will be dropped if she is not charged with a crime for a year, said a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota.

The deal is similar to one reached in Nassau County on Jan. 20, Konoski said. In that case, a charge stemming from a case last year in which Muller allegedly kicked Lohan in the head, will be dismissed if Muller stays out of trouble for a year.

Lohan's attorney, Anthony Grandinette of Mineola, did not return calls seeking comment.

Lohan and Muller no longer are a couple, Konoski said.

"She's long gone," he said. "He just won't leave her alone."

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