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Michael Lohan, Kate Major divorcing, report says

Michael Lohan and Kate Major attend Celebrity Boxing

Michael Lohan and Kate Major attend Celebrity Boxing 16 in Essington, Penn., in 2010. Credit: WireImage/Bill McCay

Tabloid fixture Michael Lohan, father of actress-entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan, and his estranged wife of less than four years, Kate Major, are divorcing, according to a report., citing court documents, said the 35-year-old Major filed for divorce Wednesday in Florida, where the two live. Calling the marriage "irretrievably broken," the former entertainment journalist's filing asks for primary custody of the couple's two sons, Landon, 5, and Logan, 3. Major additionally wants both spousal and child support and for Lohan, 58, to pay her legal costs.

Neither has commented on social media. Lohan, formerly of Merrick, told The Blast, "Kate and I went to a mediation attorney to work out the terms of the divorce but her lawyer pulled a fast one and went behind my back. I guess he wants publicity and to make money. Isn't that always the case? After all, he's doing it for nothing and asking for legal fees from me. Hmmmm! Case and point!"

Lohan added of the attorney, "If he wants publicity, he'll get it but what I have is 10 times more than the world has seen. I'm not out to sling mud or prove my case, but he better think twice before he destroys his client."

In December 2015, Major filed for separation and said she and Lohan had lived apart since that October.

Michael Lohan and his ex-wife, Dina Lohan, of Merrick, are the parents of Lindsay Lohan and her younger siblings, Michael Lohan Jr., Dakota Wyatt Lohan, formerly called Cody, and Ali Lohan. In November 2012, a DNA test confirmed Michael Lohan also was the father of then 17-year-old Ashley Horn, his daughter from a 1990s relationship with Kristi Horn.

Lohan and Major, who married Oct. 30, 2014, in a private ceremony in the small town of Hillsboro Beach, Florida, have a history of arrests for issues involving alcoholism and domestic abuse. The most recent was in July, when Major was arrested after allegedly throwing a glass candle at Lohan. Florida prosecutors did not file charges in that case, citing insufficient evidence and an uncooperative witness, The Blast reported in August. 

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