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Good Afternoon

Miley Cyrus hits weight critics on Twitter

Miley Cyrus, I am glad that you have the self-confidence to know that you are a beautiful young woman. When you were criticized by God knows who -- some jerk -- for not being scary skinny, you fired back on Twitter tweeting two photos. One was a frightening photo of an emaciated woman with this message: "By calling girls like me fat this is what you're doing to other people." The other, a photo of Marilyn Monroe. You wrote, "PROOF that you can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch." Miley, you couldn't have made your empowering point any better. -- Bonnie Fuller

Bonnie Fuller is president and editor-in-chief of HollywoodLife

.com and the former editor of Star, Us Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.

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