Vijay Chokal-Ingam, older brother of actress Mindy Kaling, recently took to his website to admit that he identified himself as black on medical school applications because he thought he'd have a better chance of getting in.

The Indian-American and affirmative action critic said that in the late '90s, he altered his appearance -- shaving his head and trimming his "long Indian eyelashes" -- and applied using the name Jojo. 

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According to his post, Chokal-Ingam became a "serious contender" at prestigious institutions including Harvard, UPenn and Columbia, a feat he attributes to posing as an African-American applicant.

Chokal-Ingam is working on a book about the experience that will address larger issues about race perception, affirmative action and the competitive nature of college admissions.

As for what his famous sister thinks of this public confession? “She says this will bring shame on the family,” Chokal-Ingam reportedly told the New York Post.

According to that interview, Chokal-Ingam wound up dropping out of St. Louis University Medical School two years after he got in under false pretenses.

He eventually was accepted at, and graduated from, UCLA Anderson’s MBA program — as an Asian Indian-American.