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Nick Cannon leaves hospital after lupus flare

Nick Cannon was hospitalized over the holidays after

Nick Cannon was hospitalized over the holidays after a lupus flare. Credit: Getty Images for March of Dimes / Frazer Harrison

Nick Cannon, who has lupus and spent several days, including Christmas, hospitalized, announced Thursday that he was recovered and ready to begin recording.

“I broke out that joint!!!!” the singer-actor and “America’s Got Talent” host, 36, wrote on Instagram, making a prison-escape joke. “Stuffed some pillows under the covers and ran out like the little rascals!! LOL.”

Accompanying the message was a video of himself shot at Universal Studios Hollywood. “By his stripes I am healed!” he begins, paraphrasing a passage from the Bible.

“Y’all see where I’m at,” he continues. “I’m in the studio — straight from the hospital bed to the studio, getting it in. … Honestly, I feel great, we back at it, and again, I’m just sending y’all love and inspiration. This is what we doin’, it’s a no-pity party.”

After mentioning plans for “music, comedy, standup” in 2017, including an unspecified Showtime project, he riffs about the colorful beaded braids he lately has adopted. “I see what y’all talkin’ about, makin’ fun of my braids, say I’m gettin’ my Solange on … my Venus and Serena,” referring to singer Solange Knowles and tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams.

He goes on excitedly to say, “We feelin’ right, we goin’ in, it’s incredible. Stay motivated. You can make it through anything. You know what they said: Isaiah 54:17 ‘There’s no weapon formed against me that shall prosper,’ ”

“They can’t shake me,” he concludes. “Five blood transfusions. What?! Naw, it ain’t nothin’. Let’s go!”

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