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Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reveals social media addiction

WATCH: Emotional Perez Hilton reveals he's addicted to social media

In a 20-minute video, Perez Hilton reveals he "needs to make some changes" as he is addicted to social media. Credit: The Perez Hilton via YouTube

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton earlier this week revealed in a YouTube video that he suffers from addiction.

The addiction? Social media. “I think now that I am not just a workaholic, but I am truly, sincerely and severely addicted to work and social media in a way that is out of my control and in a way that has been really impacting my life. Negatively. Toxically. And I need to make changes. And that’s so scary. For many reasons, because my job and social media are my identity, in many ways.”

In the tearful 20-minute clip, Hilton also reveals he suffers from “full-blown anxiety,” acknowledging it “has been a triggering week” due to personal reasons, including finding out someone in his “inner circle is very sick,” the firing of someone close to him and a parenting mistake.

“Not all is my story to tell,” though, he says.

Hilton runs his main website,, and its affiliates:,, and Additionally, he manages a podcast, “The Perez Hilton Podcast,” posts occasional YouTube videos, runs multiple social media pages and is a single “full-time dad.”

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