He's been filmed trekking through the Arctic, gives a smoldering look from the cover of a men's magazine and is being targeted by legions of young women who only a few years ago would have been lusting after his older brother.

With all the attention being paid to Prince Harry, you might forget that Prince William's the one getting married.

"He's a cool guy, he's an action man, and he obviously enjoys quite a good time," said Robert Johnston, associate editor at GQ magazine, which featured a front page, black-and-white photo of the 26-year-old royal. "It's quite a potent mix."

This week's magazine shows a pensive prince, square-jawed and tousle-haired, his lips curling into a smile. GQ's story covers Harry's high-profile polar expedition with Walking With The Wounded, a British charity devoted to helping injured veterans, The Associated Press reports.

Camera crews have tracked the prince as he goes through his punishing Arctic training, plunging into ice-cold water and struggling across the fields of blinding snow on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

Clips of Harry, sporting stylish sunglasses and a wisp of stubble, have played better than those of his balding older brother, who was last pictured in faded green overalls showing his grandmother around a Welsh helicopter bay.

The British monarchy's female fans have noticed.

Emma Dunthorne, 42, a teaching assistant, puts it succinctly.

"Everybody likes a bad boy," she said.

It isn't unusual for the younger siblings of royalty to get sexier coverage than their throne-bound relatives.

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"The heir to the throne has to have this grandeur," he said. "Not surprisingly, William has a more distant feel to him than his brother."

But Harry's guy-next-door act has occasionally gotten him booed off the stage. Many stories about the prince still mention his late-night London clubbing, his infamous strip club visit and his marijuana use.

Right now, the only fear for Harry is that he'll embarrass his brother in front of a millions-strong television audience with an indiscreet best man's speech.

Harry has promised as much, telling BBC television in Norway that his speech at William's wedding might "make him lose some hair."