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Good Evening

Report of Aniston pregnancy a Facebook hoax

On Monday, a Facebook page devoted to Jennifer Aniston announced that she is pregnant with her first child, but there were a few major flaws in the social media announcement. For one thing, the "Jennifer Anniston Official" Facebook page misspelled her last name. More significantly, the news is untrue. Turns out Jennifer was the victim of a hoax, and the page that posted the misinformation was deleted afterward.

Reunited 'House' mates

Dannon Oikos released a 30-second teaser for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial, and it will feature a reunion of "Full House" stars Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos. The video finds John enjoying Dannon Oikos yogurt while watching football. Once the game ends, the camera pans over to reveal Bob and Dave sitting with him in his kitchen. "Don't you think it's time we all get our own places?" Bob asks, to which the group unanimously answers, "Nah." It's part of Dannon Oikos' series of on-air bromances to be shown during the Super Bowl.

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