John Mayer is not shy at all when it comes to pursuing the ladies, and Lea Michele, 27, is his next target! The singer, 36, has been texting Lea nonstop, a new report claims. Will the rocker show Lea her body is a wonderland? Though Mayer doesn't have the best reputation with women and Lea Michele is a smart girl, it doesn't look like that will deter the singer at all! The playboy just recently split from girlfriend Katy Perry and has been previously linked to Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. Now is he adding Lea to his list of conquests? We must say, it's no secret the pair are amazing musicians and would make great music together.

Celeb mom: No whiningAngelina Jolie is tired of hearing other celebrity moms complain about how hard it is to be a working mom. The actress and mother of six, 38, admits that she knows how easy she has it, especially since she does not have to worry about feeding her children, or providing them with appropriate health care. Are you tired of hearing celeb moms complain about how difficult they have it?

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