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Report: Tiger Woods' wife tricked mistress

A new report claims to shed light on what happened that fateful November night Tiger Woods crashed his sport utility vehicle.

Gerald Posner, a well-known author ("Case Closed," "Why America Slept") and contributor to the Web site The Daily Beast, spoke to two sources who know Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren, and have discussed various details of the story with her.

Here are the five things you need to know, according to Posner and his sources.

1. Before the Thanksgiving crash, Woods gave Elin advance warning that the National Enquirer was going to publish a story claiming that he had an affair with club manager Rachel Uchitel. He swore to Elin that the story was false and Elin believed the relationship was platonic.

2. Elin eventually learned more about the Enquirer story and began arguing with her husband. After the argument, Tiger took Ambien to fall asleep.

3. While her husband was asleep, Elin looked through Tiger's cell phone and found Uchitel's number, plus a text Tiger sent to her saying, "You are the only one I've loved."

4. Elin sent Uchitel a text message, pretending to be Tiger, writing "When are we seeing each other again?" Uchitel texted back and then Elin called Uchitel, who answered thinking it was Tiger calling. "I knew it was you," Elin asserted. "Oh --!" a shocked Uchitel responded and hung up.

5. Elin woke up Tiger by screaming at him. He was still in a stupor from the Ambien he had taken earlier. Elin began hitting him and chased him from the house wielding a golf club. Tiger ran to the SUV, then careened off the fire hydrant and hit a tree. When he was later released from the hospital, Tiger was taken to an undisclosed location. Elin was still smoldering and wouldn't allow him to return home.

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