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Roseanne Barr attacks Hollywood on Twitter

Roseanne Barr appears on stage at the Comedy

Roseanne Barr appears on stage at the Comedy Central "Roast of Roseanne" at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. (Aug. 4, 2012) Credit: AP

In dozens of Twitter posts Saturday and Sunday, comedian Roseanne Barr assailed TV producers she said had manipulated and lied to her and vowed she would never again work in television.

"I'm never going to even attempt it," she tweeted. "I feel as if I've been insulted/assaulted for over a year" as she worked with producers on two television projects in development.

"Here's my advice: if u know something is wrong frm the start, don't try2 make it work-don't excuse ppl's insensitivity. They never improve . . . I don't have the emotional stability to withstand being manipulated and lied to anymore-now that I'm old," Barr, 61, tweeted.

Following a short-lived 2011 reality show, "Roseanne's Nuts," and a failed pilot, "Downwardly Mobile," Barr this year was collaborating with "Nurse Jackie" creator Linda Wallem on a family sitcom. Without mentioning Wallem by name, Barr tweeted that the "show runner disappeared for 7 weeks-never returned any calls from me-I was told she 'goes in2 a cave'. . . I was also told that this was 'her process'-and that the result would be fantastic."

Barr posted that while the script was unfunny and "didn't resonate with me," she persevered "out of a bizarre interest in the insane outcome."

Later, responding to criticism of her outspokenness, Barr tweeted, "Yes, I do have mental health issues" that she has spoken about publicly, then added, "Decent ppl refrain from bullying, lying to, manipulating & taking advantage of ppl like me."

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