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Ryan Casey reveals Hollywood sexcapades in 'But You Like Really Dated?'

"But You Like Really Dated?!: The Celebropedia of

"But You Like Really Dated?!: The Celebropedia of Hollywood Hookups" Credit: Handout

Can't keep track of Taylor Swift's love life or which ex is the subject of her latest song? Have you lost count remembering how many times Elizabeth Taylor was married? Then you need to check out Ryan Casey's hilarious celebs and sexcapades book, "But You Like Really Dated?" (HarperCollins), the ultimate source for looking up who's been hooking up in Hollywood.

Here's a fourplay of what's between the covers.

1. THE DIRTY (BAKER'S DOZEN) These guys are the champs when it comes to dating and mating in Tinseltown (surprise -- Paris Hilton is No. 1). Obviously, there isn't room for the more than 12,000 women in Warren Beatty's little black book (he's No. 2), but many of the choice ones are here (Jane Fonda, Mary Tyler Moore, Madonna). Some others making the cut: Swift (No. 10), George Clooney (No. 8) and, at No. 3, Long Island's own Lindsay Lohan, who's linked to everyone from Heath Ledger to Bruce Willis.

2. STRANGE PAIRINGS Who'd have guessed that Roger Ebert and Oprah had a dinner date to discuss movies? (They ate at a Roy Rogers, so maybe they were talking about Westerns.) Or that Sofia Vergara and Tom Cruise were an item? Casey gives us the dirt on bizarre-o pairings from the 1980s to the present, including Syosset's Natalie Portman and onetime main squeeze Moby.

3. SCANDAL SHEET The "Talk of the Town" chapter offers a revealing look at the celebs who made headlines by cheating on their partners (can you say Kardashian?), creating a sex tape (can you say Kardashian again?) or looking for love in all the wrong places (George Michael, Pee-wee Herman and John Travolta).

4. TAKE THEIR ADVICE Casey serves up "Tiny Bits of Wisdom" on relationships for celebs that range from the obvious ("Don't marry a sex addict" and "Don't send naked pictures of yourself or ... make a sex tape") to the not-so-obvious ("Don't marry a male dancer"). Just ask Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes and Jennifer Lopez). And above all, "Don't star in a reality show together" (can you say ... oh, never mind).

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