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Good Afternoon

Selena Gomez shows too much skin at mosque

Selena Gomez visited Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque in Dubai last week and posted a picture of herself on Instagram in which she was all covered, except for her ankles and feet. Showing skin in that nature is considered inappropriate in the Muslim culture.

"Why purposely go to a sacred place and do something considered disrespectful?" one commenter wrote before Gomez deleted the image.

Remaining on her Instagram account, however, is another picture showing Gomez and her friends engaging in some goofy poses at the mosque. Many commenters called them "disrespectful" for acting inappropriately at such a religious site.

Reed divorce settlement

"Twilight" actress Nikki Reed will reportedly fare better in her divorce from singer Paul McDonald. The pair filed in May, and while things are not final, the divorce settlement has been released.

Reed will gain three houses, three cars and get custody of the couple's German shepherd, Enzo, when the divorce is finalized, according to the Daily Mail. Her ex will get one house and not be given spousal support.

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