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Shannen Doherty shaves head amid breast cancer battle, shares photos on Instagram

Actress Shannen Doherty posted six photos of herself

Actress Shannen Doherty posted six photos of herself shaving her head on Instagram on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Credit: Shannen Doherty via Instagram

Actress Shannen Doherty, who announced in August that she is fighting breast cancer, has shaved her head in evident preparation for treatment, documenting the process in a series of six black-and-white photos.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed” star, 45, prefaced the series Tuesday evening with a color Instagram image of “Cupcake pan, chocolates and a razor.... Stay tuned. Anne Kortright-Shilstat has got this,” Doherty captioned the photo, referring to her fashion-model friend, 34. “#cancersucks,” she added in a hashtag.

Shortly afterward, Doherty posted a half-dozen images captioned simply “ Step 1” through “Step 6.” The first showed Doherty’s mother, Rosa, hugging her daughter tightly. In the next, Doherty, scissors in hand, begins cutting her own hair as Kortright-Shilstat, visible in the mirror, shoots the picture. The third shows the model and the mom on either side of the now short-haired Doherty, making kissing gestures near her cheeks.

The next two are of Kortright-Shilstat and Doherty, with the actress’ hair very close-cropped in the latter. Finally, Doherty poses with her left profile, that side of her head shorn almost completely.

“I couldn’t be prouder of you today,” Kortright-Shilstat posted on her own Instagram page, captioning a copy of the fifth photo. “Your strength and courage is so inspiring and I am so very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for blindly trusting me today to help you with such a big step. I will forever be there for you no matter what. #[expletive]cancer.”

In a lawsuit filed last August in Los Angeles, Doherty sued the accounting firm Tanner Mainstain Glynn & Johnson and a former company partner, Steven D. Blatt, alleging they neglected to pay her health-insurance bill. When she subsequently was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015, she was told, according to the suit, “that, had she been insured and able to visit her doctor, the cancer could potentially have been stopped, thus obviating the need for the future treatment (including mastectomy and chemotherapy) that [she] will likely have to suffer through now.”

Doherty has been unable to work since the diagnosis, the filing said.

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