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Shelton apologizes for joke-gone-wrong

"The Voice" judge Blake Shelton is a huge jokester, but an attempt at a recent joke did not sit well with those not familiar with the country singer's humor. On Wednesday night, Blake tweeted, "Rewriting my fav Shania Twain song. Any man that tries Touching my behind/He's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy . . . " Some took great offense to his tweet. At first, Blake joked about the misunderstanding. Then things got serious when GLAAD stepped in. Once he realized the severity of the situation, Blake spent all morning apologizing and trying to clear up his comments, saying he wants his fans "to know that anti-gay and lesbian violence is unacceptable!!!!" GLAAD responded, saying, "GLAAD thanks Blake Shelton . . . and hopes he'll be able to further lead by example by working with his young, gay mentee this season on 'The Voice.' "

Friends again?

We can't believe how random it was to see photos of former friends Courteney Cox and Brad Pitt coming out of Eva Longoria's upscale restaurant, Beso, in Hollywood May 4. Jennifer Aniston must be curious about what was going on!

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