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Shia LeBeouf to spend month living in cabin on livestream as latest art project

Beginning April 12, 2017, actor Shia LaBeouf is

Beginning April 12, 2017, actor Shia LaBeouf is spending a month isolated in a cabin in Finland's remote Lapland region with his only communication with the outside world coming via text messages from visitors to a Helsinki museum. Credit: AP

Actor Shia LaBeouf and his performance-art collaborators of three years, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, on Wednesday began their latest piece, in which the three each will live in an isolated cabin in Finland’s remote Lapland region and communicate by text with Helsinki museum-goers — but not each other.

“#ALONETOGETHER,” commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma as part of its ARS17 exhibition, will last for one month. The museum, which did not disclose the trio’s exact locations, explains on its website that, “A video link to a small cabin installed in the gallery is their only point of contact with the outside world.” A monitor in the gallery displays “the real-time text communications from the artists as a continuous stream.”

LaBeouf and his collaborators each announced the project on Twitter Wednesday, writing, “NOW LIVE at”

The London-based art and culture magazine Dazed said the three “hope the performance acts as an antidote to being ‘constantly connected’ and functions as a reaction to the global ‘digital revolution and its impact on our culture, economy, human identity, and behavior.’ Or, put simply, the fact that we are literally never alone, not communicating with anyone, or without our phones.”

LaBeouf was arrested in January at Queens’ American Museum of the Moving Image following an altercation at his anti-Donald Trump live stream.

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