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Spring wedding rumored for Jordan, girlfriend

When Michael Jordan wants something, he goes and gets it. That much was clear last Thursday morning when he and longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto went to a Florida courthouse to get a marriage certificate. It looked like Michael had just gotten off the golf course, as he walked into the Palm Beach County courthouse in a purple polo and khaki shorts with Yvette. MJ and Yvette filled out all the necessary paperwork, and their marriage license is valid from March 10 through May 9. It looks like a spring wedding is on Michael's mind -- TMZ also reports that the couple has set a date for April 27!

Swift hailed as role modelBella Thorne loves Taylor Swift! The "Shake It Up" star spoke with about why she thinks Taylor is the ultimate role model and why everyone should stop giving her a hard time. "I love her music," she told us. "I love that she's not afraid to tell the truth." When we asked her what she thought about Taylor's past relationships, she told us: "I think her relationships are her business and I don't think anybody should be able to comment on what they feel about it."

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