A drunken neighbor of Tom Cruise was shot with a Taser by a security guard Sunday after allegedly climbing a fence onto the film star's property.

Beverly Hills police said in a statement that Jason Sullivan, 41, "was intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have confused himself and entered the wrong property." He was arrested on suspicion of trespassing at about 9:35 p.m. at Cruise's estate on Calle Vista Drive. Neither Cruise nor any family member was home.

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"Upon arrival, officers contacted a lone male suspect who was attempting to leave the location," police said. "The suspect had been previously detained by a security officer, who was on duty at the residence and had observed the suspect climbing a fence to gain access to the property."

Sullivan was taken to a local hospital for examination after being shocked with the stun gun, the Los Angeles Times said. His condition was unknown, the paper said. TMZ.com later reported he was released and cited for trespassing, and has been ordered to appear next month in court.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Sullivan is an interior designer and a model with Wilhelmina Models, the Beverly Hills weekly newspaper the Canyon News said.

In 2009, he won an interior-designer reality-show competition, "homeMADE," according to the show's website on Australia's Nine Network. In his biography there, Sullivan said that after 20 years of modeling internationally, "I knew I needed a career change when I started turning up for modeling jobs and I'd be asked by the receptionist if I was the photographer."