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Tony Danza reunites with LI teacher

Danza reunites with LI teacher

From August 2009 though June 2010, former Malverne resident Tony Danza taught high school English at Philadelphia's Northeast High for an A&E series and as a form or penance -- he was a tough student himself and wanted to make amends. On Monday's "Today" show -- promoting his new book based on the experience ("I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Had") -- he made more amends, by apologizing personally to his former Malverne High 11th-grade teacher, Douglas Dye, reports Newsday's Verne Gay. His former teacher recalled that he made the mistake of telling his students, including Danza -- who had just moved to Malverne from Brooklyn -- that his birthday was coming up. The next day, Danza arrived with a six-pack of beer. Said Danza, "Mr. Dye, I'm going to celebrate your birthday." Of his former student, Dye said: "He was very difficult to forget."

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