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Tori Spelling overcomes tough illness

Tori Spelling is one strong mommy. She suffered from placenta previa while she was pregnant with her fourth child, Finn Davey, and had to spend two months in the hospital on bed rest -- and missed out on major family moments. "I missed Liam's preschool graduation, Stella's 4th birthday party, Hattie's first word," she said on "Good Morning America" Thursday. The condition forced her to lie flat for most of the time she was in the hospital -- and because of the excessive bleeding, she was worried she would lose her fourth baby.

A perfect wedding

Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum are only the second couple from "The Bachelorette" franchise to get married, and they had their "dream wedding," according to J.P. But their big day was not without its hiccups, as they had to deal with the threat of rain and the pressure of TV cameras, People magazine reports. Ashley and J.P. faced many obstacles when walking down the aisle on Dec. 1, including the oncoming rain. But they didn't let it dampen their spirits -- pardon the pun!

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