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Video shows Gosselin ex-gal pal taking TV from his place

The camera doesn't lie, but it maybe doesn't tell the whole truth, either.

Yes, security footage will show ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman entering Jon Gosselin's Manhattan apartment removing a TV and other items, her lawyer told

But so what, said Stephanie Ovadia, telling the Web site that Glassman did nothing wrong. She was just removing her belongings from the apartment she had shared with the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star.

"We're not denying Hailey took the TV," Ovadia said. "We are not denying she took her belongings out of the apartment. She is moving on with her life and taking her belongings. She moved all her belongings out so there will be security video showing her carrying items out of the apartment."

Glassman moved out last week. Gosselin called police Saturday and said he found his apartment ransacked with clothing and other items slashed, plus a note from Glassman pushed into a wooden dresser with a knife.

Ovadia had termed the incident a "publicity stunt" cooked up by Gosselin to frame Glassman.

Ovadia's explanation didn't sit too easily with Gosselin's attorney Mark Heller.

"Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It's a simple as that," he told RadarOnline.

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