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Chadwick Boseman plays James Brown in “Get On Up”

The star of the Jackie Robinson biopic "42" is playing the Godfather of Soul in “Get on Up,” and the first trailer has just been released by Universal Pictures.

"Get on Up" is directed by Tate Taylor, reteaming with two stars of his 2011 hit “The Help,” Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. They're joined by Dan Aykroyd, Nelsan Ellis, Lennie James, Jill Scott, Craig Robinson and Nick Eversman as Mick Jagger, who happens to be one of the film's producers.

“Get on Up” follows Brown from his impoverished boyhood to his time in prison to his rise on the world stage as Soul Brother No. 1. Judging by the trailer, Boseman turns in a more physical performance than he did in “42,” recreating Brown's swagger, speedy footwork and trademark shriek.

Here's the trailer:


But can Boseman top this?


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