The man behind the song that made fiddle players hip suffered a mild stroke while snowmobiling Friday, according to the Associated Press, but is recovering and doing "great," according to his spokesperson.

Charlie Daniels, who's claim to fame is the 1979 cult hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," clearly still knows how to rock and roll - I mean, how many 73-year-olds do you know that spend their vacations cruising around on a vehicle that on average, according to the handy Yahoo! answers, cruises at 70-75 mph?

However, despite my affinity for the song made famous by "Urban Cowboy," and the subsequent joy it gave me on Guitar Hero, my favorite Daniels moment is a little more recent. Daniels has hit the commercial industry, busting out the strings for a new auto insurance marketing campaign.

The question Geico begs: Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle?

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