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LI Sound: Huntington's Alan Scardapane gets serious about his music

Huntington native Alan Scardapane will release his debut

Huntington native Alan Scardapane will release his debut album "Out at Sea" in August, 2018. Credit: Jacqueline Cote

Alan Scardapane, inspired by prolific singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen, gave himself a pep talk.

“He tours year-round and still finds time to record,” says the Huntington native. “I told myself, ‘Time to pick it up, buddy.’ ”

Scardapane released an EP, the intimate “Deep in Dust,” this spring and booked his first tour, which wraps up on  Sept. 15 at Sunnyvale BK in Brooklyn. He also quit his day job in insurance and began recording his debut album, “Out at Sea,” out Aug. 10 on Robot Records.

“I had 35 songs written and ready to go and I was playing them as I was gigging around Boston,” says Scardapane, 26, who didn’t think about becoming a musician until he was a senior in college. “But there was nothing for people to take with them. That’s when I realized that if I was really serious about this, it was time to get to work.”

Scardapane says that the new album marks a turn toward rock and brighter, more complex sounds. Unlike “Deep in Dust,” which he recorded himself in his bedroom, he is backed by a full band, The Stupid Robots, on “Out at Sea.”

“Music is what I want to do,” he says. “That’s what I’m building toward now.”

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