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Butchers Blind finds a specific 'Place in America'

Butchers Blind is used to questions about its music.

The Bellerose quartet plays true Americana, the kind usually inspired by wide-open spaces and the history of country and acoustic blues. Its new EP "A Place in America" (Electric Giant), which will be released Oct. 23, sounds distinctly Midwestern, reminiscent of Wilco's "A.M." album with shades of the even rootsier Uncle Tupelo.

"We like to make music that we like to listen to," explains singer-guitarist Pete Mancini. "We like timeless music -- Gram Parsons, Jayhawks, Wilco. That's the music that influences us. It's the canvas that we get to paint on."

"A Place in America" has a sharper edge than the previous two albums from the band -- Mancini, drummer-singer Paul Anthony, bassist Brian Reilly, and pianist Christopher Smith. "Some of us grow old and drown, bitter rants and screams," Mancini sings in the title track. "Some of us find a place in America."

Though the EP has some gorgeous, Americana moments, in some ways, the title track reflects the band's own dissatisfaction with its current position, handling its career by itself. "It's tough doing it all for yourself," Mancini says. "We're hoping this EP generates some label interest. We'd like to do just this."

Butchers Blind plays HiFi Bar, 169 Ave. A, Manhattan, 212-420-8392, at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 24. Tickets are $5-$20 suggested donation through Ticketfly.

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