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Danny Weinkauf, They Might Be Giants to play Huntington

They Might Be Giants -- from left, John

They Might Be Giants -- from left, John Flansburgh, Marty Beller, John Linnell, Danny Weinkauf and Dan Miller -- play The Paramount on March 22, 2013. Credit: Handout

Danny Weinkauf is a rare musician who gets to play pretty much any style of music whenever he wants.

Part of that comes with the territory of being the bassist for the adventurous indie-rockers They Might Be Giants for the past 15 years. But Lynbrook's Weinkauf has taken it a step further with his company Red Pants Music, which provides music for movies, TV shows and advertising.

"My favorite thing to do is learn music," says Weinkauf, calling from a tour stop in Louisville, Ky. "I love listening to a new style of music and then writing music in that style. I would do that for fun."

Luckily, Weinkauf gets to do that for work as well. TMBG's new album, "Nanobots" (Idlewild), spans a number of genres, in addition to the ones the band has long covered. The band includes Weinkauf, Brooklyn's John Flansbergh and John Linnell, and drummer Marty Beller from Baldwin.

"The entire world of music is open to them," Weinkauf says. "We never know what the next song is gonna be like."

It's similar to Red Pants Music. Weinkauf has written sleek, urban music for "Sex and the City," rousing anthems for ESPN, as well as Grammy-winning children's music for They Might Be Giants. Currently, he's working on music for the Yahoo! Web series "Life of Mom," while on tour with TMBG.

Weinkauf says he's looking forward to TMBG's stop at the Paramount in Huntington because so many of his friends and neighbors have never seen him play live.

"I think it's going to be like a neighborhood outing," he says, laughing.

They Might Be Giants plays the Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington, at 9 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $20-$55 through Ticketmaster.

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