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Off the Wall: Tired of holiday cheer?

"The Wizard of Oz" is one of the films to be shown during the ?Summer Sunday Classics? Film Series at the Solé East Resort. Photo Credit: Handout

Off the Wall wishes you an offbeat holiday.DOCTOR WHO DAY Meet all the most recent incarnations of TV's top Time Lord. "Doctor Who" (Saturday at midnight-Sunday 5 a.m., BBC America) stacks up key episodes featuring Christopher Eccleston (season 1), David Tennant (seasons 2-4) and Matt Smith (season 5). They surround the premiere of Smith's "Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol" (Saturday at 9 p.m., BBC America). Previews at /doctorwho.


DOWN FOR THE COUNT The tube has several salutes of a nonseasonal nature to keep non-celebrants satisfied this weekend. Music has its "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" (Friday night 7-midnight, VH1 Classic). Movies have "Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases" (Friday night at 9 and 11 p.m., Sunday at 11 a.m., Speed). The web has its "50 Greatest Viral Videos" (Friday night at 7:30, Saturday at 11:30 a.m., 5:30 p.m. and midnight, Current). Later in the week, Wednesday has a good chunk of "1000 Ways to Die" (Wednesday 9 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Spike), and next Friday has "Chiller 13: The Decade's Scariest Movie Moments" (3-6 p.m., Chiller). Watch Current's collection online at /50-greatest-viral-videos.


WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK! It's not the old Fox reality show, it's a Christmas marathon of Syfy cheeseflicks! Tomorrow's lineup includes, but not limited to, "Sea Snakes" (9 a.m.), "Frankenfish" (11 a.m.), "Malibu Shark Attack" (5 p.m.), and "Snakehead Terror" (1 a.m., all Saturday on Syfy). Full lineup at


ODD OZ Everybody's seen the Judy Garland musical. But few have seen this 1925 silent version of "The Wizard of Oz" (Sunday night at midnight, Turner Classic Movies), a curio that's worth a watch. Learn more at /?cid=138086.


The "Pink Panther" director (and Julie Andrews spouse) who died Dec. 16 is remembered with a five-film festival - "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (Monday at 8 p.m.), "Days of Wine and Roses" (10 p.m.), "The Pink Panther" (midnight), "Victor/Victoria" (2 a.m.) and "Operation Petticoat" (4:30 a.m., all Monday night on TCM). Read about Edwards and his films at article/?cid=360855.


NEW YEAR, VINTAGE TUBE This clip-filled flashback to early TV runs really late Friday night, so be sure to set the video recorder. "Pioneers of Television" (early Saturday morning, 1-5 a.m., WLIW/21) dedicates separate hours to '50s-'60s innovation in sitcoms, late night, variety and game shows. PBS launches the second season Jan. 18, exploring vintage sci-fi, westerns, crime shows and kiddie TV. More at /pioneersoftelevision.


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