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'Diner,' 'One on One': Baltimore shows take the (crab) cake

Single dad Flex Alexander tries to raise his

Single dad Flex Alexander tries to raise his irrepressible teenage daughter Kyla Prattin in UPN's series "One on One." Credit: AP

With the Baltimore Ravens playing in Sunday's Super Bowl, we thought it'd be a good time to list five TV shows that took place in that Maryland city famous for crabs, Camden Yards and "Hairspray." And just to make things fun, we decided the shows could not be named "The Wire" or "Homicide: Life on the Street":

1. Hot l Baltimore (ABC, 1975) -- Norman Lear adapted the racy Off-Broadway play about a run-down Baltimore hotel for TV, battling censors every step of the way.

2. Diner (CBS, 1983) -- CBS ordered a pilot for a TV series based on Barry Levinson's acclaimed movie about a group of pals in late-1950s Baltimore. Levinson wrote and directed the pilot, Paul Reiser reprised his role as Modell and a then-unknown actor named James Spader took the role of Fenwick, played in the movie by Kevin Bacon. Alas, it never became a series, but the pilot aired once, in August 1983.

3. Flesh 'n' Blood (NBC, 1991) -- In this short-lived sitcom, Lisa Darr played a career-obsessed Baltimore district attorney whose life gets turned upside down when her mountaineer brother (David Keith) and his family, whom she had never met, move in with her. (They were both put up for adoption when they were babies.)

4. Roc (Fox, 1991-94) -- Charles S. Dutton starred in this well-regarded sitcom as Roc Emerson, a Baltimore sanitation man with a big heart. For the 1992-93 season, all of the shows aired live (most of the cast members were veterans of theater work).

5. One on One (UPN, 2001-06) -- Flex Alexander starred as Flex Washington, a Baltimore sportscaster who becomes custodial parent to his teenage daughter (Kyla Pratt) when his ex-wife moves to Nova Scotia.

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