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'Impresarios and Visionaries,' Long Island movie, needs fan funding

Steven Taub just wanted to say thank you.

The Emmy-nominated director and producer from Melville had always been grateful for the work of Michael Rothbard at the Inter-Media Arts Center and Vic Skolnick at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington.

"They brought real culture to suburbia," says Taub, who got to know both men through working with them on a variety of projects. "They weren't in it for the money."

Taub says he wanted to pay tribute to both men for their accomplishments and realized that the project had the makings of a great documentary. "It's a local story," he says of the men who had brought so many artists to Huntington. "But it also has universal appeal."

He hopes to tell that story in a new documentary "Impresarios and Visionaries" that he has been working on, which already includes interviews with director Edward Burns, as well as Skolnick's partner, Charlotte Sky, and Rothbard's partner, Kathie Bodily.

However, Taub has found it difficult to get funding for the documentary. So he has decided to do what Skolnick, whose Cinema Arts Centre continues, and Rothbard, whose IMAC space has become the Paramount, did for years -- he will look for support from the people.

Taub has launched an Indiegogo campaign that ends this month to raise the $40,000 he needs to complete the film. "I'm hoping that patrons from those places might support the project for Michael and Vic," he says, adding that he has seen a lot of support from local artists. "So many of us started out as patrons, so many of us were inspired by them."

For more information on how to donate to Taub's documentary, go to

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