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Call them anything, except Easy Tiger.

The Long Island supergroup featuring drummer Skully (of The Reunion Show)

and guitarist Todd Weinstock (of Glassjaw) is temporarily nameless. Turns out a

band in Chicago owns the name and doesn't want to give it up.

"We offered them a whole lot of money," Skully says. "Like, over $20,000.

And they won't sell."

Now, where would Skully and his colleagues (including former Descendre

members Rick Penzone on bass and TJ Penzone on vocals) get hold of 20 grand?

Major-label money, perhaps? For now, that's a secret.

The unnamed band formed only about a year ago, mainly as a lark when Skully

and Weinstock realized their former groups were unraveling. The two jammed

together at a practice space in Brooklyn, then gave the recordings to Skully's

friend TJ Penzone, who wrote melodies and sang vocals over the tunes.

So what does the band sound like? "It's sort of like Prince," Skully

explains, as if that were perfectly normal for a group of emo-punk kids. "And

maybe the Bee Gees and maybe Kraftwerk. And At The Drive-In."

The band's manager, Tom Gates (who also handles Brand New), is closely

guarding the demos, but a string-laden, multilayered track called "Dance Is in

My Blood" already has leaked out. Early reactions have been positively


No telling when to expect a full-fledged album. "Each song has 80 to 110

tracks, elaborate synth parts, percussion," says Skully. "We spend over a month

writing a single song."

And there's that whole name thing to work out, too.

Not first, but noticed

You may recall that in July the East Northport punk group The Repercussions

entered a band battle sponsored by Little Steven's Underground Garage at The

Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale. They didn't win, but they sure made a fan that


One of the contest's officials, a garage-rock aficionado and producer named

Mike Fornatale, was apparently wowed by the band and later posted his personal

thoughts on a message board affiliated with Bomp! Records. "I'm not going to

even try to describe this to you, just GO SEE THEM," Fornatale wrote. "I

promise you, you will love this band."

Fornatale was an adviser/moderator for the contest, not a voting judge, but

he was surprised when the band didn't win. "The Repercussions are a killer

garage- punk band in the absolute tradition, with healthy dashes of pop and

even R&B," he wrote. "They blew me away."

Read the complete post, which includes a colorful account of a bar brawl

that night, at

Shows to see

Worth checking out this weekend: Acquiesce, the Long Island band that's

building a following in New York City. Its latest EP, "Shattered," is a step

forward, with crunchy guitars, propulsive rhythms and the occasional lyrical

zinger. Acquiesce is still mining the vein of straight- ahead hard rock -

honest, uncalculated and refreshingly untouched by trends. The band is

headlining The Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan; the show starts at 9 tonight.

Tickets are $13. Call 212-533-2111 or go to

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