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Sondra Toscano: Pure LI country as Big City Cowgirl

Carle Place's Sondra Toscano (aka Big City Cowgirl)

Carle Place's Sondra Toscano (aka Big City Cowgirl) has loved country music since she was a child. Credit: Kevin Kane

Sondra Toscano is a living example of the power of country music.

Though the Carle Place singer-songwriter, who records as Big City Cowgirl, has only lived in Brooklyn and around Long Island, her love for country music runs deep.

“Country music is meaningful,” says Toscano, who credits her interest to growing up surrounded by the music thanks to her mother. “It is pure and real.”

Everything about her “City Zipcode, Country Heart” (580744 Records) EP sounds like Nashville, except for her Long Island accent, which does get an occasional twang in these well-crafted songs.

Toscano says she has been writing songs since she was a little girl, eventually teaching herself the guitar and keyboards in high school. The practice shows.

On “High Road,” Toscano sings about dealing with problems in a more civilized manner. “My boss started grilling me instead of the burgers,” she sings, thinking of ways to quit and tell him off. “I’ll just apologize and forgive that he’s irate.”

The lovely “I Never Did, But I Do” could find its way to country radio under the right circumstances, or at least to more than a few wedding receptions.

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